• The photo exhibit of Belgrade in downtown Chicago
  • The first US site which presents Belgrade
  • Americans might have an opportunity to learn at least two letters from the Cyrillic alphabet, possibly all seven.
  • Longing for the good, old days and welcoming the new ones.
  • The exhibit will travel upon invitation to the furthest corner of the world.

The images of Cubura, Neimar, Belgrade cobblestone streets, architectural gems, balconies, gates and much were on display at the Daley Plaza in downtown Chicago, from August 15-31, 2006. The Daley Plaza is Chicago’s answer to New York Times Suare, frequented by thousands of visitors every day. The international project Evergreen Belgrade, authored by photographer Dragan Babovic, and produced by US producers, Branka Kojic and Goran Veselinovic, will showcase Belgrade to the US and world audiences. The web site will be launched concurrently with the exhibit, presenting the most exquisite images of Belgrade, posters and an EvergrenBelgrade DVD.

" When deciding on the final selection of 40 posters of Belgrade, lovingly captured by the author, Dragan Babovic, I wanted to emphasize its universal characteristics which connect Belgrade to other world cultures. Therefore I decided to choose the National Assembly dome which resembles the US Congress dome, the balcony which could be one of the balconies in Paris and many architectural gems that one could encounter in the ancient Greece", says Branka Kojic who conceptualized the exhibit at the Daley Plaza, enjoying overwhelming support by the City of Chicago and the US Consulate General of the Republic of Serbia.

You will be able to see the Kalemagdan Fortress, captured from the Usce, with white sailboats, blossoming parks and monuments. Knez Mihailova Street as a pedestrian zone, Slavija, Neimar and Cubura neighborhoods, the architectural gems like the Museum of Applied Arts, the Academy of Science, Konak Knjeginje Ljubice, old city quarters, Kosancicev Venac and Skadarlija with special emphasis on gates, characteristic of Serbia, bringing some longing for the good,old days.

The photos of Saint Sava Church, the symbol of nowadays Belgrade, stand out with a magnificent park wrapped around it, attracting tourists from all over the world.

"Americans are very much interested in the Belgrade night life , so we presented the Kolarac, our Serbian Carnegie Hall, the atmosphere in a Belgrade café and one of the typical river rafts", stated Goran Veselinovic, whose website Serbian Yellow Pages gets visited by thousands of viewers.

"I embedded a Cyrillic letter D, on purpose, in the Evergreen Belgrade logo. It is slanted a bit , as if suspended in the air, and it is going to be our first letter of alphabet exported to the West. Everybody will learn how to read that letter D, because it naturally makes sense when one attempts to pronounce Belgrade. I also inserted our letter C at the end of my logo, so all of these who might be interested to learn more will have an opportunity to learn the sound and the corresponding letter , quite characteristic for our country", continued Dragan Babovic, the author of photos and posters.

"Nikola Tesla, St.Sava and Karadjordje are our historical figures, which will make generations of Serbs scattered all over the world, proud. Their images on posters bring the air of eternity to this project. The main idea of the Evergreen Belgrade Project is to showcase Belgrade as a vibrant, always up-to-beat city together on the world scene with other cities.", emphasizes D. Babovic.

"The presented photos will also show Belgrade contrasted vistas; old guard posts part of the Belgrade Fortress versus more contemporary posts of New Belgrade, emerging on the horizon. There are images of the most contemporary facades and interior design solutions which beautify the city of Belgrade’, added Branka Kojic, pointing out investment opportunities in Belgrade, recently voted the most promising city in Europe.

The exhibit will also be an opportunity to present an Evergreen Belgrade DVD, which boast more than 1000 most attractive images of Belgrade, captured by Dragan Babovic, designed by Nikola D. Markovic, with music composed by Nenad Milosavljevic "Galija", and produced for the US market by Branka Kojic and Goran Veselinovic. This DVD version in English will be available for purchase only in the USA by visiting the official site:

After Chicago, upon invitation, the exhibit will visit other US cities and other continents. As an Evergreen City, Belgrade will present its charms and attractions to all those who desire to enjoy them. The Evergreen Belgrade Project Team is always at your service.