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About Us

Does it happen to all of you, scattered around the world, that even people youíve known for years, friends and neighbors, confuse you for a Czechoslovakian or Polish? Or they ask you if Serbia was part of Russia or Ukraine?

Then I usually respond, "You know where Italy is? Well we are just across from Italy". Close enough, right? It helped me so far, but I donít know what you all usually refer to.

Whenever I encounter another friendly American with a poor knowledge of geography, I always wish I could pull out a picture album from my pocket and flash it before their eyes without saying and explaining much. Just give them an idea of how the streets of my childhood might have looked.

Dragan Babovic and his Evergreen Belgrade Project answered all of my questions. I luckily found out that somebody has already put together a lot of beautiful pictures presenting Belgrade, Herceg Novi and Dubrovnik.

We decided to start with Belgrade and offer all of you an opportunity to share it with the rest of the world. We actually ask for your support and help to refurbish the image of this beautiful city which hasnít received a lot of positive promotion in the past ten years.

We all have friends, wherever we live, which would probably be willing to help us carry this torch and shed a new light on this beautiful city Therefore, present Belgrade as a gift to you friends and start a new circle of Belgrade friends.
In order for Belgrade to emerge in a new positive light, it will need the help of all its old familiar friends accompanied by the new.

In June of 2005 Belgrade became a sister city to another magnificent city in the world, Chicago. Hopefully, this friendship will grow in the years to come and bring these two cities closer together.

The Evergreen Belgrade Project will be presented for the first time at the Chicago Daley Plaza, from August 15-31, 2006, as a part of the city celebration honoring the 50th anniversary of the Sister Cities Project.